About our network

Take advantage of a large availability of mechanical and body parts, of our standard warranty on all parts and of our outstanding customer service!

We pledge to provide work for people from here, to contribute to sustainable development while recycling OEM parts of certified quality from used cars.

Save and make a change for the planet

We offer warranties up to one year on parts and labour. Our delivery service is fast and free everywhere in Quebec. We have over 10,000 vehicles among us. A price policy. A centralized invoicing system.

Advantages for our clients: garages, collision shops and customers

  • Reduces parts search time.
  • Allows the person to spend more time in the shop.
  • Simplifies the number of communications.
  • Quality control handled by each Ecopieces.ca member.
  • Makes part returns quicker and easier.
  • Reduces the repair time.

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